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The thought of getting my birth chart done had never crossed my mind previously but something about a post Carla wrote on a Facebook group intrigued me. I contacted Carla and after a short exchange of emails I had my reading. Right from the first couple of minutes, pennies were dropping for me. Feelings and intuitions I had previously had became tangible reality. My reading immediately confirmed for me I am on the right path in my life and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and believe in myself like never before. It has been a couple of months since my reading and as times goes by it resonates more and more with my life, integration of the information continues as things Carla told me unfold.
— Louise
Thank you for the DFAR! It was powerful to revisit my natal chart with the addition of all this divine feminine + stellar guidance. It opened my heart, and eyes to more of the support that I can draw upon. I love your story telling, and patience. The reading brought up realizations of what needs to be accepted, and integrated for my sacred work in the world. After following your work, and being connected over four years, I look forward to sharing more together as the years present themselves! Blessings all ways DIVA!
— Brandi
It was so epic & awesome. Carla Sanders is so full of wisdom and as someone who doesn’t understand all the specifics of astrology yet, I really loved how she explained the planets & houses in a relatable way. I came away with a new understanding of my strengths and so much clarity about my purpose, with clear guidance/action steps I can follow moving forward. So worth the time and money!!
— Brianna

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